Jung-Hyun Kim

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The most common cause of primary autosomal recessive microcephaly (MCPH) appears to be mutations in the ASPM gene which is involved in the regulation of neurogenesis. The predicted gene product contains two putative N-terminal calponin-homology (CH) domains and a block of putative calmodulin-binding IQ domains common in actin binding cytoskeletal and(More)
The skull-stripping in the MR brain image appears to be a key issue in neuroimage analysis. In this paper, we evaluated the accuracy and efficiency of both automated and semi-automated skull-stripping methods. The evaluation was performed on both simulated and real data with the ground truth in skull-stripping. Although automated method showed better(More)
River systems connect the terrestrial biosphere, the atmosphere and the ocean in the global carbon cycle. A recent estimate suggests that up to 3 petagrams of carbon per year could be emitted as carbon dioxide (CO2) from global inland waters, offsetting the carbon uptake by terrestrial ecosystems. It is generally assumed that inland waters emit carbon that(More)
Despite the benefits and growing availability of online cancer support groups, many breast cancer patients still do not actively participate in them. To better understand cancer patients' online information- and support-seeking behaviors, this study explores how various social and psychological characteristics predict different levels of engagement with an(More)
Electronic cigarettes (E-cigs) have experienced sharp increases in popularity over the past five years due to many factors, including aggressive marketing, increased restrictions on conventional cigarettes, and a perception that E-cigs are healthy alternatives to cigarettes. Despite this perception, studies on health effects in humans are extremely limited(More)
BACKGROUND Although the lung is a common site of metastasis, endobronchial metastases (EBM) from extrathoracic malignancies are rare. Previous studies were retrospective reviews of the cases from each single institute, and the last one was performed between 1992 and 2002. We evaluated the characteristics of patients with EBM who had been diagnosed in recent(More)
Holocene climate variability is investigated in the North Pacific and North Atlantic realms, using alkenone-derived sea-surface temperature (SST) records as well as a millennial scale simulation with a coupled atmosphere-ocean general circulation model (AOGCM). The alkenone SST data indicate a temperature increase over almost the entire North Pacific from 7(More)
BACKGROUND Trichomonas vaginalis is known as the most common cause of sexually transmitted infection. However, its prevalence may have been underestimated. Trichomonads are detected in prostatic tissue in benign prostatic hyperplasia, prostatitis, and prostate cancer. Our objective was to investigate whether T. vaginalis could induce an inflammatory(More)