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For the <i>obstacle-avoiding rectilinear Steiner minimal tree</i> (OARSMT) problem, this paper presents a Steiner-point based algorithm to achieve the best practical performance in wirelength and run time. Unlike many previous works, the Steiner-based framework is more focused on the usage of Steiner points instead of the handling of obstacles. This paper(More)
For the obstacle-avoiding rectilinear Steiner minimal tree (OARSMT) problem, we present a Steiner-point-based algorithm that achieves the best practical performance among existing heuristics. We first propose a new concept of Steiner point locations, creating a linear-space routing graph with satisfactory Steiner point candidates to resolve the bottleneck(More)
The Physics Analysis eXpert (PAX) is an open source toolkit for high energy physics analysis. The C++ class collection provided by PAX is deployed in a number of analyses with complex event topologies at Tevatron and LHC. In this article, we summarize basic concepts and class structure of the PAX kernel. We report about the most recent developments of the(More)
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