Jung Hoo Lee

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AIMS From the viewpoint of histogenesis, lung adenocarcinoma can be subdivided into two groups: terminal respiratory unit (TRU) and non-TRU types. We recently reported a non-TRU type adenocarcinoma designated as ciliated adenocarcinoma (we now prefer central type adenocarcinoma). We suggest reasons that mucinous adenocarcinoma should encompass central type(More)
This paper presents new application-specific digital signal processor (ASDSP) instructions and their hardware accelerator to efficiently implement Reed-Solomon (RS) encoding and decoding, which is one of the most widely used forward error control (FEC) algorithms. The proposed ASDSP architecture can implement various programmable primitive polynomials, and(More)
-Diffusion of K during analytical electron microscopy (AEM) results in anomalously low count rates for this element. As the analysis area and specimen thickness decrease, count rates become disproportionally lower. Adularia and muscovite show different diffusion profiles during AEM; for muscovite a strong dependence of diffusion on crystallographic(More)
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