Jung Heon Song

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  • J H Song, Ae R Evans, Ae, Y.-Y Lin, Ae B.-N Hsu, Ae R B Fair
  • 2008
A hydrodynamic scaling model of droplet actu-ation in an electrowetting-on-dielectric (EWD) actuator is presented that takes into account the effects of contact angle hysteresis, drag from the filler fluid, drag from the solid walls, and change in the actuation force while a droplet traverses a neighboring electrode. Based on this model, the threshold(More)
Most popular analysis tools on time series require the data to be taken at uniform time intervals. However, the real-world time series, such as those from financial markets, are typically taken at irregular time intervals. It is a common practice to resample or bin the irregular time series into a regular one, but there are significant limitations on this(More)
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