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Isostructural lanthanide-organic frameworks were prepared by a solvothermal reaction of the corresponding metal ions and the phosphine-oxide-based tricarboxylate ligand. The gravimetric gas uptake was unexpectedly increased when going from Nd(3+) to Gd(3+), which is associated with the enhanced surface areas and electrostatic interactions between exposed(More)
This study investigated the reproductive characteristics in 2 cloned female beagle dogs (Clones A and B) during proestrus and early estrus. The pre-ovulatory estradiol peak occurred 2 days before the pre-ovulatory luteinizing hormone (LH) surge, while the follicle stimulating hormone surge started concomitantly with the LH surge in both cloned dogs. Serum(More)
AIM Most studies about the structures of the human skin have been on the general histologic features of the skin. The purpose of this study was to understand the relationship between the microrelief (MR) pattern and histologic structure of the human skin, and to find the usefulness of the three-dimensional reconstruction (3DR) technique of pathological skin(More)
Giant basal cell carcinoma (BCC), defined as a lesion greater than 5 cm at its largest diameter, is a rare variant of BCC. In contrast to small BCC, giant BCC develops on skin that is not exposed to sunlight, including the back, shoulder, groin and thigh. Most of the histopathologic subtypes of giant BCC are micronodular, morpheaform and nodular, but the(More)
Two cyanide-bridged WV-M [M = Mn(II) (1), Co(II) (2)] bimetallic clusters were prepared by self-assembling a new molecular precursor [W(CN)6(bpy)]- and the corresponding metal complexes. Compound 1 shows a tetranuclear W2Mn2 entity, consisting of a Jahn-Teller ion, Mn(III), which serves as an anisotropic source, while compound 2 exhibits a trimeric W2Co(More)
The reaction of [W(CN)(6)(bpy)](-) with the corresponding Mn Schiff bases led to the formation of two antiferromagnetic (1) and ferromagnetic (2) chains. The formation of the conglomerate (2) is associated with chiral induction by the enantiomeric chelate-ring conformation of the Mn Schiff base. Modulation of the linking groups in the Mn Schiff bases(More)
BACKGROUND Clear cell sarcoma (CCS) of soft tissue is a rare soft tissue sarcoma with melanocytic differentiation and shares morphologic, immunohistochemical, ultrastructural, and molecular features with malignant melanoma (MM). Because the prognosis of CCS is much different from MM, it is important to distinguish each other by selective method. CCS is(More)
A cyanide-bridged W-Co bimetallic complex (1) with a double-zigzag chain structure was characterized in terms of structure and magnetism. Compound 1 exhibits metamagnetism and spin canting induced by the presence of anisotropic CoII ions and noncovalent interactions.
Three one-dimensional coordination polymers [Mn(L)(N(3))](n) [L = L1 (1), L2 (2), L3 (3); L1H(2) = N,N'-bis(5-chlorosalicylideneiminato)-1,3-diaminopentane, L2H(2) = N,N'-bis(5-bromosalicylideneiminato)-1,3-diaminopentane, L3H(2) = N,N'-bis(5-bromosalicylideneiminato)-1,3-diamino-2-dimethylpropane] bridged by end-to-end azides were prepared. The crystal(More)