Jung Hee Kim

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We annotated transcripts of human tutoring dialogue for the purpose of constructing a dialogue-based intelligent tutoring system, CIRCSIM-Tutor. The tutors were professors of physiology who were also expert tutors. The students were 1st year medical students who communicated with the tutors using typed communication from separate rooms. The tutors made use(More)
The CIRCSIM-Tutor intelligent tutoring system project has been built on the basis of numerous studies of transcripts of expert human tutors (professors) teaching first year medical students. We also have transcripts of novice tutors (second year medical students) teaching the same material to medical students at the same level. In this paper we identify(More)
Usage of discourse markers in tutorial language can make the difference between stilted and natural sounding dialogue. In this paper we describe some simple rules for selection of discourse markers. These rules were derived for use in an intelligent tutoring system by applying decision-tree machine learning to human tutoring language. The fact that these(More)
An intelligent tutoring system, CIRCSIM-Tutor tutors first-year medical students on blood pressure regulation based on the dialogue patterns of human tutors. To obtain data about the language and conversation patterns of human tutors, we analyzed transcripts of human tutors working over a modem, then annotated them to show tutorial goal structure. In this(More)
We are investigating computer-assisted methods for identifying plan operators at both the conversational strategy and surface generation levels. We are using standard-conforming SGML markup on our corpus in order to be able to process it mechanically. We are using C4.5 to identify rules of the form "when is goal x implemented with plan y?". We are currently(More)
Although human one-on-one tutoring has been shown to be a much more effective method of education than regular classroom teaching, it is very labor intensive, so many desire to construct intelligent tutoring systems (ITS) to mimic human face-to-face tutoring without the limitations of human resources. Most existing ITSs communicate via keyboard input. In(More)
Evens, who mentored and encouraged me to pursue my degree from the first day I met her. Medical College. Their insight and enthusiasm have made a huge impact on my thinking of tutoring systems. I also want to thank my colleagues in Circsim-Tutor project. It was such a pleasure to working with them. Finally thank you Wenhui. You are the one who is always(More)
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