Jung Hee Han

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We propose a worst case timing analysis technique for in-order, multiple-issue machines. In the proposed technique, timing information for each program construct is represented by a directed acyclic graph (DAG) that shows dependences among instructions in the program construct. From this information, we derive for each pair of instructions the distance(More)
Power electronics play an important role in electricity utilization from generation to end customers. Thus, highefficiency power electronics help to save energy and conserve energy resources. Research on silicon carbide (SiC) power electronics has shown their better efficiency compared to Si power electronics due to the significant reduction in both(More)
Since the discovery of microscale single-layer graphene in 2004, graphene and related materials have received intensive attention as promising materials for nanoelectronics because of their fascinating electrical, mechanical, and chemical properties. In addition, the recent large-scale synthesis of highquality graphene films enables their use in bendable(More)
Mononuclear nonheme iron(III) complexes of tetradentate ligands containing two deprotonated amide moieties, [Fe(Me(2)bpb)Cl(H(2)O)] (3 a) and [Fe(bpc)Cl(H(2)O)] (4 a), were prepared by substitution reactions involving the previously synthesized iron(III) complexes [Et(3)NH][Fe(Me(2)bpb)Cl(2)] (3) and [Et(3)NH][Fe(bpc)Cl(2)] (4). Complexes 3 a and 4 a were(More)
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