Jung-Han Kim

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Invasion of cancer cell induced by matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) is one of pivotal steps in cancer metastasis. Herein, we investigated how cell invasion was regulated by berberine (BBR), an isoquinoline derivative alkaloid compound, in MDA-MB-231 human breast cancer cells. The basal level of MMP-9 activity and expression was dose-dependently increased(More)
Tumor necrosis factor (TNF)-alpha is one of the pro-inflammatory cytokines highly expressed in Helicobacter pylori that inhibits gastric acid secretion. In this study we determined the effect of silibinin on TNF-alpha-induced MMP-9 expression in gastric cancer cell lines. MMP-9 mRNA and protein expression was dose-dependently increased by TNF-alpha in(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine, by means of long-term follow-up evaluation, the outcome and accuracy of stereotactic core-needle biopsy (SCNB) of non-mass calcifications observed at mammography, and to analyze the factors contributing to false-negative findings. MATERIALS AND METHODS Using a 14-gauge needle, SCNB was performed in cases involving 271 non-mass(More)
PURPOSE The frequency of immediate breast reconstruction (IBR) is increasing, and the types of reconstruction used are diverse. Adjuvant chemotherapy is a life-saving intervention in selected high-risk breast cancer patients. The aim of our study was to determine how IBR and type of reconstruction affect the timing of the initiation of chemotherapy. (More)
We report a case of Cushing syndrome secondary to adrenal adenoma presenting with hypertension and oligohydramnios during pregnancy. The tumor was confirmed by magnetic resonance imaging at 28 week 3 day weeks of pregnancy and was removed surgically at 29 week 1 day weeks of gestation. After surgery, hypertension subsided and amniotic fluid volume returned(More)
OBJECTIVE We wanted to compare the ability of screen-film mammography (SFM) and soft-copy full-field digital mammography (s-FFDM) on two different monitors to detect and characterize microcalcifications. MATERIALS AND METHODS The images of 40 patients with microcalcifications(three patients had malignant lesion and 37 patients had benign lesion), who(More)
Although ultrasonography (US)-guided fine-needle aspiration biopsy (FNAB) is the most reliable diagnostic modality for evaluating thyroid nodules, 10% to 40% of FNAB samples yield indeterminate findings. The BRAF V600E mutation, a highly specific molecular marker for papillary thyroid carcinoma (PTC), well known for its prognostic value, has dubious(More)
PURPOSE To present the author's experience with various treatment methods of granulomatous lobular mastitis (GLM) and to determine effective treatment methods of GLM. METHODS Fifty patients who were diagnosed with GLM were classified into five groups based on the initial treatment methods they underwent, which included observation (n = 8), antibiotics (n(More)
BACKGROUND To compare the effectiveness of intraoperative three-dimensional (3D) image and conventional two-dimensional (2D) fluoroscopic images, which are used in the treatment of acute calcaneal fractures. METHODS We retrospectively analyzed 40 patients who suffered calcaneal fracture and underwent surgery at Inje University Busan Paik Hospital. The(More)
PURPOSE Recently, several clinicians have reported the advantages of simplicity and cosmetic satisfaction of absorbable mesh insertion. However, there is insufficient evidence regarding its long-term outcomes. We have investigated the surgical complications and postoperative examination from the oncologic viewpoint. MATERIALS AND METHODS From February(More)