Jung H. Shin

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Dopamine (DA) D2 receptors expressed in DA neurons (D2 autoreceptors) exert a negative feedback regulation that reduces DA neuron firing, DA synthesis and DA release. As D2 receptors are mostly expressed in postsynaptic neurons, pharmacological and genetic approaches have been unable to definitively address the in vivo contribution of D2 autoreceptors to(More)
This paper snggests a method to align Korean-English parallel corpus. '1?he structural dissimilarity between Korean and Indo-European languages requires more flexible measures to evaluate the alignment candidates between the bilingual units than is used to handle the pairs of Indo-European languages. The flexible measure is intended to capture the(More)
Down syndrome (DS) is among the most frequent genetic causes of intellectual disability, and ameliorating this deficit is a major goal in support of people with trisomy 21. The Ts65Dn mouse recapitulates some major brain structural and behavioral phenotypes of DS, including reduced size and cellularity of the cerebellum and learning deficits associated with(More)
BACKGROUND Vestibular symptoms/signs frequently coexist with migraine, but the mechanisms of migraine-related vestibular dysfunction remain to be elucidated. This study aimed to determine altered brain metabolism in vestibular migraine. METHODS Two patients with vestibular migraine underwent (18)F-fluorodeoxy glucose (FDG) positron-emission tomography(More)
By confining light in a small cavity, the spontaneous emission rate of an emitter can be controlled via the Purcell effect. However, while Purcell factors as large as ∼10,000 have been predicted, actual reported values were in the range of about 10-30 only, leaving a huge gap between theory and experiment. Here we report on enhanced 1.54-μm emission from(More)
Arrays of sub-wavelength, sub-10 nm air-gap plasmonic ring resonators are fabricated using nanoimprinting. In near infra-red (NIR) range, the resonator supports a single dipole mode which is excited and identified via simple normal illumination and explored through transmission measurements. By controlling both lateral and vertical confinement via a metal(More)
Supplementary Figure 1 | Intrinsic total decay rate of Er 3+ ions a, Schematic of reference sample. b, Averaged time-resolved PL trace of randomly selected 10 spots of the reference sample. The symbol and error bar indicate the averaged PL intensity and standard deviation for the 10 spots, respectively. Supplementary Figure 2 | Intrinsic radiative decay(More)
We report the optical activation of erbium coated silicon nanowires (Er-SiNWs) grown with the assist of platinum (Pt) and gold (Au), respectively. The NWs were grown on Si substrates by using a chemical vapor transport process using SiCl4 and ErCl4 as precursors. Pt as well as Au worked successfully as vapor-liquid-solid (VLS) catalysts for growing SiNWs(More)
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