Jung-Chan Na

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The Wireless security has been a popular research topic over the past few years with the abruptly growth in the population of WiFi user. The security situation awareness approaches based on visualization were developed due to the problems on wired network such as the amount of the events which are analyzed by the intrusion detection system, the false(More)
Increasing malicious network traffic has been serious threats to the network security and network administrators have difficulty to detect the network attacks from vast network traffic. Because an image can contain the much traffic information and intuitively display the network status, it is helpful to reduce the processing time for detecting the(More)
Sang-Su Lee et al. 373 This paper presents a new method for a visual cryptography scheme that uses phase masks and an interferometer. To encrypt a binary image, we divided it into an arbitrary number of slides and encrypted them using an XOR process with a random key or keys. The phase mask for each encrypted image was fabricated under the proposed(More)
Recently, as the serious damage caused by DDoS attacks increases, the rapid detection and the proper response mechanisms are urgent. However, existing security mechanisms do not provide effective defense against these attacks, or the defense capability of some mechanisms is only limited to specific DDoS attacks. It is necessary to analyze the fundamental(More)
Due to its open protocol, the Internet has revolutionized computer networks, but this revolution brings new risks and threats. The best way to protect computer networks is to prevent attackers from intruding, using fast automated procedures. However, the current state of protection is insufficient, because providing for all attacks or preventing unknown(More)