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PURPOSE This study was conducted to evaluate clinical validity of a zirconia full-coverage crown by comparing zirconia's wear capacity over antagonistic teeth with that of feldspathic dental porcelain. MATERIALS AND METHODS THE SUBJECT GROUPS WERE DIVIDED INTO THREE GROUPS: the polished feldspathic dental porcelain group (Group 1), the polished zirconia(More)
PURPOSE Articulation paper mark size is widely accepted as an indicator of forceful tooth contacts. However, mark size is indicative of contact location and surface area only, and does not quantify occlusal force. The purpose of this study is to determine if a relationship exists between the size of paper marks and the percentage of force applied to the(More)
OBJECTIVES Dentin desensitizers can inhibit the bonding between dentin and resin cements. This study examined the effect of the previous application of desensitizers on the shear bond strength of one resin cement using self-etching primer to dentin. MATERIALS AND METHODS One hundred and twenty-five dentin exposed teeth were randomly assigned to four(More)
The aim of this study was to improve osteoblast function by delivering two growth factors, PDGF-BB and BMP-2, incorporated onto heparinized titanium (Hep-Ti) substrate. To achieve co-delivery of PDGF-BB and BMP-2, the surface of anodized Ti was immobilized with heparin, and then the two growth factors were coated onto the Hep-Ti surface. Incorporation of(More)
PURPOSE This study was performed to investigate the ability of recombinant human-bone morphogenic protein-2 immobilized on a heparin-grafted bone substrate to enhance the osteoblastic functions. MATERIALS AND METHODS The Bio-Oss®, not coated with any material, was used as a control group. In rhBMP-2-Bio-Oss® group, rhBMP-2 was coated with Bio-Oss® using(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to assess the prevalence and extent of clinical attachment loss of periodontal tissue and to find out variables related to clinical attachment loss (CAL) in Korean adults older than 40 years of age. MATERIALS AND METHODS Data were collected from 2,519 subjects who were part of a cohort study conducted in Ansan city by(More)
PURPOSE Excessive heat at the implant-bone interface may compromise osseointegration. This study examined the heat generated at the implant surface during preparation of a zirconia/alumina abutment in vitro. MATERIALS AND METHODS Sixty zirconia/alumina abutments were randomized into 12 experimental groups. The abutments were connected to implants and(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this study was to examine the effect of Escherichia coli-derived recombinant human bone morphogenetic protein 2 (ErhBMP-2) coated onto anodized implant to stimulate local bone formation, including osseointegration and the vertical augmentation of the alveolar ridge. STUDY DESIGN Six young male adult beagle dogs were used. A crestal(More)
PURPOSE This study was to investigate the effects of recombinant human platelet-derived growth factor (rhPDGF-BB) and heparin to titanium surfaces for enhancement of osteoblastic functions and inhibition of inflammation activity. MATERIALS AND METHODS The anodized titanium discs, not coated with any material, were used as a control group. In heparinized-(More)
OBJECTIVES This study was undertaken to evaluate the influences of concave, machined and concave-roughened profiles of transmucosal implant designs on early peri-implant tissue responses. MATERIALS AND METHODS Implants were used and classified by transmucosal profile and surface type as straight-machined implants (SM), concave-machined implants (CM), or(More)