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Projecting the distribution of malaria vectors under climate change is essential for planning integrated vector control activities for sustaining elimination and preventing reintroduction of malaria. In China, however, little knowledge exists on the possible effects of climate change on malaria vectors. Here we assess the potential impact of climate change(More)
China has been undergoing a remarkably rapid urbanization process in the last several decades. Urbanization is a complicated phenomenon involving imbalanced transformation processes, such as population migrations, economic advancements and human activity dynamics. It is important to evaluate the imbalances between transformation processes to support policy(More)
Errors or outliers are prone to be made on account of various accidental factors or system errors in the observation process of ground object spectrums. To find out and remove the data records with outliers from the field spectroscopy data of several typical crops in Yanzhou mining area, we proposed a field spectroscopy data quality controlling theory using(More)
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