Junfeng Liao

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The Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer is the world’s first system with a peak performance greater than 100 PFlops. In this paper, we provide a detailed introduction to the TaihuLight system. In contrast with other existing heterogeneous supercomputers, which include both CPU processors and PCIe-connected many-core accelerators (NVIDIA GPU or Intel Xeon Phi),(More)
In this work an ultra-scalable algorithm is designed and optimized to accelerate a 3D compressible Euler atmospheric model on the CPU-MIC hybrid system of Tianhe-2. We first reformulate the mesocale model to avoid long-latency operations, and then employ carefully designed inter-node and intra-node domain decomposition algorithms to achieve balance(More)
This paper reports our efforts on refactoring and optimizing the Community Atmosphere Model (CAM) on the Sunway TaihuLight supercomputer, which uses a many-core processor that consists of management processing elements (MPEs) and clusters of computing processing elements (CPEs). To map the large code base of CAM to the millions of cores on the Sunway(More)
This research focuses on the issue of pricing in C2C commerce, and the relationship between pricing and customer's perception. Basing on the theories in marketing and psychology, using observation data from Taobao, this paper divides most popular goods into 5 series, takes peak value and sales volume of them, in order to find the most logical pricing level(More)
The sharing economy is a new economic model from practice, with the aid of the Information and Communications Technology, transfer the temporary use right of idle resources from the supplier to demander, improving the efficiency of the existing resource, promoting the sustainable development of social economy. Scale effect exists in sharing economy, the(More)
The positive feedback of e-WOM is considered to be the higher the better. This study tries to discuss how the different positive feedbacks will affect credibility of e-WOM when fake information exists. In fact, authenticity has significant impact on customers' purchase decision and the positive feedback is not the higher the better.
With the emergence and development of electronic currency, especially bitcoin turning out, it provided a new way of thinking for the realization of the super-sovereign currency [1]. In this situation, what is the evolution trend of the optimal monetary model? What is the construction of electronic super-sovereign currency? What is the new development of the(More)
This study tries to use the theory of relationship marketing on the banking industry. Based on TAM and commitment -trust model, research and analysis the key factors of online bank brand choice intention. In addition, the study tries to find out the relationship between the user's knowledge and choice when environment changes to online bank. Moreover, the(More)
How will information from online banks influence the choice of customers? This research uses information processing theory, WOM theory, perceived risk theory and trust theory, in order to find the flow of information from online banks to customers, and the relationships among those issues. Moreover, online banks in Mainland China are the targets of this(More)
The financial market server in exchanges aims to maintain the order books and provide real time market data feeds to traders. Low-latency processing is in a great demand in financial trading. Although software solutions provide the flexibility to express algorithms in high-level programming models and to recompile quickly, it is becoming increasingly(More)