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MicroRNA-320 was downregulated in non-small cell lung cancer and inhibited cell proliferation, migration and invasion by targeting fatty acid synthase.
Evidence is provided that miR‑320 may serve as a therapeutic biomarker of NSCLC in the future and that it is possible to directly target fatty acid synthase through reverse transcription‑quantitative polymerase chain reaction.
Screening key lncRNAs for human lung adenocarcinoma based on machine learning and weighted gene co-expression network analysis.
The optimal diagnostic lncRNA biomarkers for LUAD were identified by using feature selection procedure and classification model and functional annotation of pink and green modules provided new evidences for exploring the precise roles of lncRNAs in LUAD.
microRNA-363-3p inhibits cell growth and invasion of non‑small cell lung cancer by targeting HMGA2.
The current study suggested that miR‑363‑3p may act as a tumor suppressor in NSCLC and that the miR-363-3p could be investigated as a therapeutic target for the patients with this disease.
Combining targeted sequencing and ultra-low-pass whole-genome sequencing for accurate somatic copy number alteration detection.
Investigation of the feasibility of combining targeted sequencing and ultra-low-pass whole-genome sequencing (ULP-WGS) for improved somatic copy number alteration (SCNA) detection found that CTLW_CNV significantly improved the accuracy of SCNA detection through precise baseline depth estimation.