Junfei Wang

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—Short-range wireless communication technologies have been used in many security-sensitive smartphone applications and services such as contactless micro payment and device pairing. Typically, the data confidentiality of the existing short-range communication systems relies on so-called " key-exchange then encryption " mechanism. Namely, both parties need(More)
VANET is new kind of Ad hoc. It is widely used in ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems), which has many characteristics as large scale network, fast moving nodes, the frequently changing topological structure and easily divided networks. Therefore, routing protocol design must fully consider of this characteristics with much node information that bring a(More)
As the rapid pace of smartphone improvements drives consumer appetites for the latest and greatest devices, the hidden cost is millions of tons of e-waste containing hazardous chemicals that are difficult to dispose of safely. Studies show that smartphone users are replacing their devices every 18 months, almost <i>three times</i> faster than desktop(More)
Model driven architecture (MDA) is a method which can build abstract model for business logic, and generate the ultimate complete application based on the abstract model. Procedure blueprint is a program process representation method which can describe the behavioral process of software formally. In this paper, we give a model of Web service development(More)
We reported a composite electrolyte prepared by incorporating layered α-titanium phosphate (α-TiP) into an iodide-based electrolyte using 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium tetrafluoroborate(EmimBF4) ionic liquid as solvent. The obtained composite electrolyte exhibited excellent electrochemical and photovoltaic properties compared to pure ionic liquid electrolyte.(More)
Improving the performance and usability of storage systems has been a popular subject in data storage research. Memory, disks and networks are the three most important components in a network storage system. However, the development of these three is unbalanced. Improvements in memory technology will double memory capacity within 18 months according to(More)
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