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Despite the critical role that middleboxes play in introducing new network functionality, management and innovation of them are still severe challenges for network operators, since traditional middleboxes based on hardware lack service flexibility and scalability. Recently, though new networking technologies, such as network function virtualization (NFV)(More)
We here report the integration of red emissive CuInS(2) based nanocrysals as a potential red phosphor for warm light generation. By combining red emissive CuInS(2) based nanocrysals with commercial yellow emissive YAG:Ce and green emissive Eu(2+) doped silicate phosphors, we fabricated warm white light-emitting diodes with high color rendering index up to(More)
In this study, we show that robust and tunable acoustic asymmetric transmission can be achieved through gradient-index metasurfaces by harnessing judiciously tailored losses. We theoretically prove that the asymmetric wave behavior stems from loss-induced suppression of high order diffraction. We further experimentally demonstrate this novel phenomenon. Our(More)
We present a design of acoustic metasurfaces yielding asymmetric transmission within a certain frequency band. The design consists of a layer of gradient-index metasurface and a layer of low refractive index metasurface. Incident waves are controlled in a wave vector dependent manner to create strong asymmetric transmission. Numerical simulations show that(More)
Acoustic holographic rendering in complete analogy with optical holography are useful for various applications, ranging from multi-focal lensing, multiplexed sensing and synthesizing three-dimensional complex sound fields. Conventional approaches rely on a large number of active transducers and phase shifting circuits. In this paper we show that by using(More)
It is very important to choose swift, powerful and compatible suppliers in supply chain management (SCM). According to the credit grade assessment for suppliers in practice and the related theories, a set of index system which assesses a supplier's credit grade is established. Basing on the index system, a multi-layer support vector machines (SVM)(More)
An impedance matched surface is able, in principle, to totally absorb the incident sound and yield no reflection, and this is desired in many acoustic applications. Here we demonstrate a design of impedance matched sound absorbing surface with a simple construction. By coupling different resonators and generating a hybrid resonance mode, we designed and(More)
To my wife Ning and daughter Cara v Acknowledgements First, I would like to thank my thesis advisor, Professor Hao Ling for his guidance and mentorship, both academically and personally. Without the numerous interesting and enlightening discussions with him, this work would be impossible. His continued support will be remembered for the many years to come.(More)