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We report the purification and N-terminal amino acid sequence of a novel mast cell growth factor, termed MGF, from the supernatants of a murine stromal cell line. A panel of interleukin 3-dependent cell lines were screened for responsiveness to partially purified MGF in [3H]thymidine incorporation assays; proliferative stimulation of these cells in response(More)
We have recently cloned a novel cytokine, IL-15, with shared bioactivities but no sequence homology with IL-2. We found high affinity IL-15 binding to many cell types, including cells of non-lymphoid origin. Analysis of IL-15 interaction with subunits of the IL-2 receptor (IL-2R) revealed that the alpha subunit was not involved in IL-15 binding. We(More)
Mice homozygous for the viable Sl allele steel-Dickie (Sld) are sterile, severely anemic, and black-eyed white. The nature of the Sld mutation was investigated at the molecular level and was found to be due to a 4.0-kilobase intragenic deletion in mast cell growth factor (MGF) genomic sequences, providing conclusive evidence that Sl encodes MGF. As a(More)
A cytokine was identified that stimulated the proliferation of T lymphocytes, and a complementary DNA clone encoding this new T cell growth factor was isolated. The cytokine, designated interleukin-15 (IL-15), is produced by a wide variety of cells and tissues and shares many biological properties with IL-2. Monoclonal antibodies to the beta chain of the(More)
Interleukin (IL-) 2 and IL-15 share the IL-2 receptor betagamma c subunits (IL-2Rbetagamma c) but have specific, unique alpha receptor subunits. We studied species specificity of human (hu), simian (si), and mouse (mu) IL-15 and found that hu and si IL-15 behaved similarly in all systems investigated. Hu and mu IL-15 bound hu or mu IL-15Ralpha with equal(More)
Human mast cell growth factor (MGF) complementary DNAs (cDNAs) were cloned from HeLa cells using the polymerase chain reaction with oligonucleotides corresponding to murine and human MGF sequences. Sequencing of the cloned human MGF polymerase chain reaction products revealed two types of cDNA: a full length form corresponding in size to the murine cDNA,(More)
L-Arginine or saline was administered intravenously by rapid infusion into 16 late-pregnant Holstein cows to study changes of prolactin, growth hormone, insulin, total protein, urea nitrogen, and subsequent lactation. Arginine was infused daily at .1 g/kg body weight starting about 7 days prior to predicted calving until calving. Blood was sampled via a(More)
Pluripotent hematopoietic stem cells (PHSC) are very rare cells whose functional capabilities can only be analyzed indirectly. For a better understanding and possible manipulation of mechanisms that regulate self-renewal and commitment to differentiation of PHSC, it is necessary to purify these cells and to develop assays for their growth in vitro. In the(More)
The identification and cloning of the novel cytokine IL-15 were recently described. IL-15 is produced by a wide range of cell types, with the highest levels of IL-15 mRNA being detected in epithelial lines, monocytes, muscle, and placenta. Although it has no sequence identity with IL-2, IL-15 shares many of the T cell-stimulatory activities described for(More)
We have previously reported the identification of a novel mast cell growth factor (MGF) that was shown to be a ligand for c-kit and is encoded by a gene that maps near the steel locus on mouse chromosome 10. We now report the cloning of cDNAs encoding the MGF protein. The MGF protein encoded by this cDNA can be expressed in a biologically active form as(More)