June Newman

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BACKGROUND The increased morbidity and surgical time associated with harvesting autologous bone graft (ABG) have encouraged surgeons to develop synthetic orthobiologic alternatives. The recombinant form of platelet-derived growth factor (rhPDGF-BB), an angiogenic, mitogenic, and chemotactic cytokine, has been shown to significantly enhance bone formation in(More)
AIM The BLEED criterion is a triaging model for lower gastrointestinal bleeding (LGIB), which was developed and validated in the USA. We assessed the BLEED criteria in a UK population and aimed to elucidate factors that can be implemented for early risk stratification. METHOD Patients were identified from a prospectively maintained surgical admission(More)
Abnormal urinary excretion of albumin is a nonspecific sign of nephropathy, commonly occurring in persons with hypertension as well as diabetes. Transferrin, rather than albumin, is more readily excreted by the kidney in those with diabetes compared with those with hypertension alone. One hundred eighty non-insulin-dependent diabetic mellitus patients were(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether 1) combined oral contraceptive (COC) use affects serum levels of valproate (VPA) as well as lamotrigine (LTG) and 2) the naturally occurring high (mid-luteal) and low (early-mid follicular) reproductive steroid level phases of the menstrual cycle might affect antiepileptic drug levels as well. METHODS This investigation(More)
In a randomized, evaluator-blinded clinical trial, 190 patients were treated for Pediculus humanus capitis infestations with a pyrethrin-piperonyl-butoxide pediculicide (RID; Py-PB) and a permethrin pediculicide (NIX; PM). A total of 160 patients were evaluable for nit-combing speed, 156 patients were evaluable for efficacy at day 7, and 150 patients were(More)
A chronic feeding study was carried out in rats with trans-anethole. The test substance was administered in the diet to groups (n = 26-78) of 312 male and 312 female Sprague-Dawley rats at concentrations of 0, 0.25, 0.5 and 1% for 117-121 wk. The average intakes of trans-anethole varied from 105-550 mg/kg body weight/day. No apparent treatment-related(More)
Six cases of brachial plexus injury within the brachial sheath are reported following axillary-brachial arteriography. Direct compression resulted from leakage of arterial blood into the space formed by the fascial sheath. In one, hemorrhage occurred several days after arteriotomy. Early decompression and arteriorrhaphy resulted in restoration of normal(More)
In two recent case–control studies premature greying of the hair was associated with a lowering of bone mineral density (BMD) and osteopenia, suggesting that this might be a clinically useful risk marker for osteoporosis. We report a further re-examination of this proposal in 52 prematurely grey-haired women from East Yorkshire who responded to an(More)
Sixty cases of intermittent exotropia were studied to compare the outcome of those patients treated medically with the outcome of those patients treated surgically. Below 30 prism diopters of intermittent exotropia, there is a high functional cure rate in both groups. Preoperative orthoptics did not lead to a surgical overcorrection. And finally, central(More)