June M. Parker

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On the basis of the data presented above the following conclusions may be drawn. 1. The molecular ion peaks of most of the compounds examined are relatively weak but usually easily discernible to permit molecular weight determination. 2. The mass spectra of benzilate esters exhibit a relatively intense peak at m/e 183, and monitoring of this ion can serve(More)
We describe a low cost system for acquiring electrophysiological signals during magnetic resonance imaging. The system consists of high common-mode-rejection and low noise operational amplifiers, coupled by fiber optic cables to a receiver located at the periphery of the magnetic field. The system minimizes noise introduction which would contaminate image(More)
The interactions of four potato cultivars, with three isolates ofPhytophthora infestans were assessed in different environments and in different years. Preliminary tests with these cultivars and isolates were conducted in Toluca, Mexico, and Freeville, New York, U.S.A. in 1986 and 1987. Although data were available from only one year for cultivar Alpha,(More)
The lattice Boltzmann method is a promising technique for modeling of multiphase fluids. In this paper, a multicomponent multiple-relaxation-time (MRT) model is developed for mass and momentum transport. In this model, diffusion of mass is defined in a fundamentally correct manner – gradients of chemical potential are the driving force for this movement. As(More)
Little is known about the population biology of midget faded rattlesnakes, a sensitive subspecies of the Western Rattlesnake, despite conservation efforts to protect them. We conducted a molecular genetic study of midget faded rattlesnakes in southwestern Wyoming to investigate population genetic structure in this area, particularly with reference to(More)
The paper considers continuity properties of a nite Borel measure on a separable Hilbert space X. Continuity of the mappings x 7 ! (A + x) on a subspace H, uniformly in A 2 B(X), is characterized by the existence of a nonstandard density of having a certain property. This generalizes a well known standard result for measures on R n. The ideas are(More)
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