June M. Donato

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Abstract. To solve three-dimensional elliptic problems using preconditioned conjugate gradient, it is crucial to make a good choice of preconditioner. To facilitate this choice, a Fourier analysis technique has been used by Chan and Elman [SIAM Rev., 31 (1989), pp. 20-49.] and others to study preconditioned systems arising from the discretization of the(More)
One important focus of data mining research is in the development of algorithms for extracting valuable information from large databases in order to facilitate business decisions. This study explores a new technique for data mining ± latent semantic indexing (LSI). LSI is an ecient information retrieval method for textual documents. By determining the(More)
Second order elliptic partial differential equations arise in many important applications, including flow through porous media, heat conduction, and the distribution of electrical or magnetic potential. The prototype is the Laplace problem, which in discrete form produces a coefficient matrix that is relatively easy to solve in a regular domain. However,(More)
i This book is also available in Postscript from over the Internet. To retrieve the postscript le you can use one of the following methods: 1. anonymous ftp to www.netlib.org cd templates get templates.ps quit 2. from any machine on the Internet type: rcp anon@www.netlib.org:templates/templates.ps templates.ps 3. send email to netlib@ornl.gov and in the(More)
Many interesting areas of current industry work deal with non-linear coupled systems of partial differential equations. We examine iterative methods for the solution of a model two-dimensional coupled system based on a linearized form of the two carrier drift-diffusion equations from semiconductor modeling. Discretizing this model system yields a large(More)
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