June M. Abbas

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Organizations and governments continue to advance toward using electronic means to interact with their customers. However, the use of this medium presents an access-toservice issue for people across the digital divide who do not have private Internet access from their homes. Publicly-available computers connected to the Internet are an important and(More)
A case study of middle school student's interaction within a digital library, the differential use of interface features by students, and the issues of representation and retrieval obstacles are examined. A mechanism for evaluating user's search terms and questions is explained. Findings of a current case study indicate that student's interaction with the(More)
Research into student use of scaffolding features and representation issues encountered while using the ARTEMIS Digital Library is discussed. Research agenda, methods, preliminary findings, and future research directions are presented. Preliminary findings indicate that students exhibit some commonalities in their patterns of system and scaffolds use.
Businesses and governments continue to expand the use of the internet to access and provide a wide range services to consumers. This change in service delivery presents a potential access barrier for people who do not have access to the internet available in their homes. Publicly available computers attempt to bridge this gap; however, it is not clear if(More)
Many digital library topics may be taught using digital library applications, in the context of project-based digital library courses. Several digital library applications exist, and these applications are used as teaching tools to illustrate the functionality of digital libraries as well as the design decisions that go into them. Using digital library(More)
This paper summarizes the work done at the State University of New York at Buffalo (UB) in the GeoCLEF 2006 track. The approach presented uses pure IR techniques (indexing of single word terms as well as word bigrams, and automatic retrieval feedback) to try to improve retrieval performance of queries with geographical references. The main purpose of this(More)
Businesses and governments are continuing to expand the use of the internet to provide a wide range of information and transactional services to consumers. These changes present barriers to people without internet connections in their homes. Public libraries provide a source of access to these resources however it is not clear if people are willing to use(More)
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