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The purpose of this study is to examine the faculty perceptions of instructional support in relation to faculty members’ motivation, commitment, and satisfaction associated with distance teaching. Findings indicated that faculty motivation and commitment toward distance teaching were strong in general. However, faculty motivation and commitment were higher(More)
A 3.3V 8Gb NAND flash memory with a synchronous double-data-rate (DDR) interface is designed and fabricated using 3M 50nm technology to meet the requirements of the markets. This paper achieves a NAND flash program throughput of 100 MB/s with quad-plane operation, which is 5x previously reported. I/O read/write throughput of 200MB/s is achieved using a(More)
BACKGROUND Population-based studies from Medicare and privately insured individuals have consistently identified lower rates of colorectal cancer-screening tests among African-American versus white individuals. The purpose of this study was to evaluate whether, at a Veterans Affairs (VA) medical center, similar racial/ethnic differences in colorectal cancer(More)
This paper reports on two studies conducted in 2006 in the Singapore schools to investigate the relationships between teachers’ beliefs about knowledge and learning, their pedagogical practices, and uses of information and communications technologies (ICT). Three primary research questions were examined in this research: First, do teachers’ beliefs about(More)
BACKGROUND The atopic dermatitis (AD) can limit a patient's physical and psychosocial development as well as lower their overall quality of life (QOL), including sleep quality. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the relationships between clinical disease severity, QOL and sleep quality in children and adults with AD. METHODS The SCORing(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine factors affecting morbidity and mortality in a contemporary cohort of hospitalized SLE patients and estimate the rate of SLE hospitalization. METHODS A retrospective chart review was done on all patients admitted to London Health Sciences Centre and St Joseph's Health Centre in London, Ontario, Canada, between January 2006 and June(More)
A number of naturally-occurring or synthetic chemicals have been reported to exhibit prostate chemopreventive effects. Synthetic 5α-reductase (5-AR) inhibitors, e.g. finasteride and durasteride, gained special interests as possible prostate chemopreventive agents. Indeed, two large-scale epidemiological studies have demonstrated that finasteride or(More)
BACKGROUND Hand eczema is a disease frequently observed in dermatological practice. This condition has negative emotional, social, and psychological effects due to its impact on daily life and morphological appearance. Due to its considerable effect on the quality of life, this disease can lead to depression. However, not many studies have been performed on(More)
BACKGROUND Associations between vitiligo and thyroid diseases have been reported repeatedly. OBJECTIVE We investigated the associations between vitiligo and overt autoimmune thyroid diseases and thyroid cancer using the Korean National Health Insurance claims database. METHODS We defined patients with vitiligo as those whose records showed ≥4 physician(More)