June A Harris

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A consultant team's evaluation of a system for distributing and controlling medications in a large teaching hospital is described. Through interviews with key personnel from administration, pharmacy, nursing, and the medical staff, an interdisciplinary research group identified problems in the reliability and response times of the hospital's existing(More)
Teaching medical ethics in Manchester within the introductory course of obstetrics and gynaecology is a joint activity with the Centre for Social Ethics and Policy. This interdisciplinary teaching has evolved through lecture sessions with small-group discussions dealing with topics of interest in human reproduction. The small-group discussion have been(More)
BACKGROUND North American medical school accreditation requires career counseling. PURPOSE The Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN) MedCAREERS program was implemented in 2000 before published evidence of efficacy of Canadian medical school career-counseling programs existed. METHODS Data were gathered initially through the Canadian Residency(More)
The effects of consultant-recommended modifications in a hospital medication system on medication-error rates and response times were evaluated. Fourteen recommendations for improving the medication system in a large teaching hospital were implemented to varying extents over a period of 1.5 years. The response times and medication-error rates of the newly(More)
A pharmacy diversification bibliography is presented. The bibliography includes a selection of references to descriptive reports, research papers, editorials, letters, and commentaries on diversified pharmaceutical services. This bibliography represents important literature from the past 12 years on diversification strategies as well as specific diversified(More)
The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners has spent 4 years developing a set of entry standards which define the minimum features of general practices expected for the mid-1990s. The project design followed a slow, iterative process, with several opportunities for wide consultation with professional, consumer and Government groups. The draft(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine whether postgraduate students are able to assess the quality of undergraduate medical examinations and to establish whether faculty can use their results to troubleshoot the curriculum in terms of its content and evaluation. SUBJECTS First and second year family medicine postgraduate students. MATERIALS A randomly generated sample(More)
Recommendations of consultants for the implementation of a new medication system at a large teaching hospital are described. Based on a previous analysis of the hospital's existing drug distribution and control system that revealed problems in reliability and response time, an interdisciplinary consultant group offered 14 recommendations, which included(More)
Career planning, decision making about specialty choice, and preparation for residency matching are significant sources of stress for medical students. Attempts have been made to structure and formalize career advising by including it in accreditation standards. There is an expressed need for national guidelines on career advising for medical students. The(More)
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