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Color histogram is an important technique for color image database indexing and retrieving. However, the main problem with color histogram indexing is that it does not take the color spatial distribution into consideration. Previous researches have proved that the effectiveness of image retrieval increases when spatial feature of colors is included in image(More)
The center-symmetric local binary pattern (CS-LBP) is an effective extension to local binary pattern (LBP) operator. However, it discards some important texture information because of the ignorance of the center pixel and is hard to choose a threshold for recognizing the flat area. A novel improved CS-LBP operator, named ICS-LBP, is proposed in this paper.(More)
The direction chain code has been widely used in image retrieval for its simplicity and low storage requirement. One problem with the chain code is that it lacks of the spatial information of the image content, which limits its use in image retrieval. In this paper, two novel methods, called Chain Code Coherence Vector (CCCV) and Chain Code Distribution(More)
The vector approximation file (VA-file) approach is an efficient high-dimensional indexing method for image retrieval in large database. Some extensions of VA-file have been proposed towards better query performance. However, all of these methods applying sequential scan need read the whole vector approximation file. In this paper, we present a new indexing(More)
A novel retrieval method for mammograph images was proposed in this paper. The texture structure of mammograph image was firstly extracted by the maximum and minimum of local intensity. Then, a new texture feature, distortion constraint, was introduced based on the speciality of the region of interest. Combined with the weighted moments, the new descriptor(More)
  • Junding Sun
  • 2006 International Conference on Intelligent…
  • 2006
Entropy and moments have been widely used in image retrieval. However, perceptually dissimilar color histograms have similar entropy and moments by traditional methods if they have similar probability distribution. In order to remove such influence, three improved methods, histogram sorting, histogram area and the combination of the above two, are presented(More)
This paper presents an improved local ternary pattern (LTP) for automatic target recognition (ATR) in infrared imagery. Firstly, a robust LTP (RLTP) scheme is proposed to overcome the limitation of the original LTP for achieving the invariance with respect to the illumination transformation. Then, a soft concave-convex partition (SCCP) is introduced to add(More)
This paper presents the design and implementation of an Internet home automation system. The design is based on an embedded controller which is connected to a PC-based home Web server via RS232 serial port. The home appliances are connected to the input/output ports and the sensors are connected to the analog/digital converter channels of the embedded(More)