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This investigation examined the effects of nitrogen source and concentration on the ash free dry biomass (AFDB) and oil accumulation and productivity of a Scenedesmusrubescens like alga cultivated in indoor photo-bioreactors and outdoor raceway ponds. Among the nitrogen sources ((NH4)2CO3, urea, NaNO3, urea and NaNO3 mixture), the algae fed with the mixture(More)
This investigation examined the effects of ferric ion source and concentration on the biomass yield, fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) productivity and composition from Scenedesmus rubescens-like microalga. The algae cultivated with Fe(2+)-SO(4)(2-)/EDTA had higher ash free dry biomass (AFDB) production and in vivo chlorophyll a concentration than those with(More)
Quorum-sensing (QS) signaling molecules are able to mediate specific gene expression inside spoilage bacteria in response to population density and thus are implicated in food spoilage. In the present work, a total of 102 strains of spoilage bacteria were isolated from Pseudosciaena crocea at 4 °C storage, and of these, 60 strains were identified as(More)
This investigation examined the effects of the inorganic carbon concentration (4, 0.8 and 0 g/L NaHCO(3)) on the carbon formation, nitrate utilization, growth and fatty acids compositions of Nannochloropsis oculata. The dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC) concentration in the three treatments decreased sharply during the first 6 days, and the percentage of(More)
The current status of aquatic organotin pollution in Taiwan is reviewed. In freshwater sediments and biota, especially in rice-field related habitats, phenyltins (PTs) were dominant among the organotin pollutants, whereas butyltins (BTs) were usually predominant in marine environments. Among the marine habitats, contamination levels were found to be in the(More)
Seahorses are the vertebrate group with the embryonic development occurring within a special pouch in males. To understand the reproductive efficiency of the lined seahorse, Hippocampus erectus Perry, 1810 under controlled breeding experiments, we investigated the dynamics of reproductive rate, offspring survivorship and growth over births by the same male(More)
Successful mating is essentially a consequence of making the right choices at the correct time. Animals use specific strategies to gain information about a potential mate, which is then applied to decision-making processes. Amongst the many informative signals, odor cues such as sex pheromones play important ecological roles in coordinating mating behavior,(More)
This investigation examined the effects of nitrogen-phosphate combined deficiency on the biomass yield, fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) production and composition from Scenedesmus rubescens-like microalga. A 15-day indoor culture was performed as a 3 × 3 factorial design (NaNO(3) levels: 3, 10 and 20mM; KH(2)PO(4) levels: 20, 50 and 150 μM). The algae grown(More)
Population genetic of seahorses is confidently influenced by their species-specific ecological requirements and life-history traits. In the present study, partial sequences of mitochondrial cytochrome b (cytb) and control region (CR) were obtained from 50 Hippocampus mohnikei and 92 H. trimaculatus from four zoogeographical zones. A total of 780 base pairs(More)
Poeciliids are a diverse group of small Neotropical fishes, and despite considerable research attention as models in ecology and evolutionary biology, our understanding of their biogeographic and phylogenetic relationships is still limited. We investigated the phylogenetic relationships of South and Central American Poecilia, by examining 2395 base pairs of(More)