Junchuan Liu

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This work introduces a robot system for minimally invasive frameless stereotactic neurosurgery. The system consists of a robot arm for precise positioning of surgical tools, a vision system for intro-operative registration, and a preoperative planning system. The robot is a custom designed accurate arm with five degree-of-freedom. The vision system uses two(More)
The application accuracy is one of the most important specifications in robot-assisted stereotactic neurosurgery. This paper analyzed the application accuracy of a neurosurgical robot system and presented the details on how to improve it through improving the robot absolute positioning accuracy. Firstly the robot system was introduced briefly and the system(More)
This paper presents a method to determine the cameras setup geometry parameters in binocular stereovision to achieve the best three-dimensional positioning accuracy. Firstly, the cameras setup geometry is described using three independent parameters. Then the three-dimensional positioning error of the binocular stereovision is defined and formulated through(More)
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