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An all-fused-silica pressure sensor fabricated directly onto a fiber tip of 125 microm diameter is described. Simple fabrication steps include only cleaving and fusion splicing. Because no chemical processes are involved, the fabrication is easy, safe, and cost effective. Issues in sensor design and loss analysis are discussed. The sensor has been tested(More)
(Abstract) Pressure measurements are required in various industrial applications, including extremely harsh environments such as turbine engines, power plants and material-processing systems. Conventional sensors are often difficult to apply due to the high temperatures, highly corrosive agents or electromagnetic interference (EMI) noise that may be present(More)
We present a miniature diaphragm-based Fabry-Perot (F-P) interferometric fiber optic sensor fabricated by novel techniques for pressure or acoustic wave measurement that is only approximately 0.32 mm in diameter. By choosing different diaphragm thicknesses and effective diameters, we obtain a sensor measurement range from 5 to 10,000 psi (1 psi = 51.72(More)
A self-compensating fiber optic flow sensor system based on the principle of broadband white-light interferometers and cantilever beam bending is described. The fiber optic sensor system uses two fiber ferrule sensors that are bonded on either side of a cantilever beam to measure the flow rate by monitoring the air-gap changes caused by the bending of the(More)
We describe tunable-optical-filter-based white-light interferometry for sensor interrogation. By introducing a tunable optical filter into a white-light interferometry system, one can interrogate an interferometer with either quadrature demodulation or spectral-domain detection at low cost. To demonstrate the feasibility of effectively demodulating various(More)
We present a novel method for measuring the frequency response of a diaphragm-based optical fiber Fabry-Perot interferometric pressure sensor. The impulse response of the sensor to the radiation pressure generated by an excimer laser pulse is measured. The Fourier transform of the impulse response yields the frequency response of the pressure sensor.(More)
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