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The extraction and determination of cytisine, sophocarpine, matrine, sophoridine and oxymatrine in Sophora flavescens Ait. were performed using subcritical water extraction and capillary electrophoresis with field-amplified sample stacking. The effects of extraction temperature, pressure, time and cycle number on the extraction yields were investigated(More)
In this study, a 3D multicomponent multiphase simulator with a new fracture characterization technique is developed to simulate the enhanced recovery of coalbed methane. In this new model, the diffusion source from the matrix is calculated using the traditional dual-continuum approach, while in the Darcy flow scale, the Discrete Fracture Model (DFM) is(More)
Papermaking sludge and spent pickling liquor were recycled to synthesize a macromolecular lignin-acrylamide polymer (LA) and polyferric chloride (PFC), respectively. The dual-coagulant PFC-LA (PFC and LA were dosed orderly), composite coagulant PFCLA (PFC and LA premixed before dosed) and PFC were used in coagulation/ultrafiltration hybrid process in(More)
The present study aimed to explore the association between resting-state functional connectivity and creativity ability. Toward this end, the figural Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT) scores were collected from 180 participants. Based on the figural TTCT measures, we collected resting-state fMRI data for participants with two different levels of(More)
Modulating lasing wavelength flexibly and repeatedly on a single rod is essential to the practical applications of micro/nanorod lasers. In this paper, a structure that decouples the gain medium and optical cavity is proposed, where the corresponding mechanism for the lasing wavelength shift is explained. Based on the above structure, one kind of wavelength(More)
Visual creative imagery (VCI) manipulation is the key component of visual creativity; however, it remains largely unclear how it occurs in the brain. The present study investigated the brain neural response to VCI manipulation and its relation to intrinsic brain activity. We collected functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) datasets related to a VCI(More)
Solvothermal synthesis of FeCl(2).4H2O and H2C2O(4).2H2O in methanol at 120 degrees C yielded yellow plate-like crystals of [Fe(C2O4)(CH3OH)]n. Each iron atom is in a distorted octahedral environment, being bonded to four oxygen atoms from two bisbidentate oxalate anions, one O atom of a chelating oxalate anion and one O atom from a methanol molecule as an(More)
Previous studies have indicated a tight linkage between resting-state functional connectivity of the human brain and creative ability. This study aimed to further investigate the association between the topological organization of resting-state brain networks and creativity. Therefore, we acquired resting-state fMRI data from 22 high-creativity participants(More)
Neuroimaging studies have highlighted that intrinsic brain activity is modified to implement task demands. However, the relation between mental rotation and intrinsic brain activity remains unclear. To answer this question, we collected functional MRI (fMRI) data from 30 healthy participants in two mental rotation task periods (1st-task state, 2nd-task(More)
Creativity is thought to require the flexible reconfiguration of multiple brain regions that interact in transient and complex communication patterns. In contrast to prior emphases on searching for specific regions or networks associated with creative performance, we focused on exploring the association between the reconfiguration of dynamic functional(More)