Junbum Park

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Symbolic data represents a general form of classical data. There has been a highly focused research on the analysis of symbolic data in recent years. Since most of the future applications involve such general form of data, there is a need to explore novel methods to analyze such data. In this paper we present two simple novel approaches for the(More)
In this paper, we propose a human gesture recognition algorithm using impulse radio ultra-wideband (IR-UWB) radar. The radar signal is transmitted into a three dimensional space, however, the received signal is only expressed in one dimensional. Therefore, it is difficult to classify 3-D gestures by analyzing specific features, such as power, peak value,(More)
A novel reference point detection method is proposed by exploiting the GPM(Gradient Probabilistic Model) that captures the curvature information of fingerprint texture. The detection of reference point is accomplished through searching and locating the points of occurrence of the most evenly distributed gradient in probabilistic sense. We also propose a(More)
This paper addresses the video surveillance issue of automatically identifying moving vehicles and people from continuous observation of image sequences. With a single far-field surveillance camera, moving objects are first segmented by simple background subtraction. To reduce the redundancy and select the representative prototypes from input video streams,(More)
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