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— Various electrical appliances have penetrated into people's daily life including televisions, video and audio equipment, and other household appliances. Many of them provide an infrared Remote Controller (RC) for appliance control. But as the number of controllers increased, it becomes not so convenient to access different controllers to control different(More)
6 8 a r t i c l e i n f o 9 Article history: 10 Available online xxxx 11 Keywords: 12 Wireless sensor and actor networks 13 Mobility control 14 Event prediction 15 Energy efficiency 16 1 7 a b s t r a c t 18 Mobile actor is a promising tool for wireless sensor and actor networks (WSANs) provisioning energy and 19 time efficient data collection. In this(More)
SUMMARY Automatic recognition of finger gestures can be used for promotion of life quality. For example, a senior citizen can control the home appliance, call for help in emergency, or even communicate with others through simple finger gestures. Here, we focus on one-stroke finger gesture, which are intuitive to be remembered and performed. In this paper,(More)
Control and Communication in the computing environment with diverse equipment could be clumsy, obtrusive, and frustrating even just for finding the right input device or getting familiar with the input interface. In this paper, we present Magic Ring (MR), a finger ring shape input device using inertial sensor to detect the subtle finger gestures and routine(More)
—Embedded system technologies are undergoing dramatic change. Competent embedded system engineers are becoming a scarce resource in the industry. Given this, universities should revise their specialist education to meet industry demands. In this paper, a spirally tight-coupled step-by-step educational method, based on an analysis of industry requirements,(More)
—One key technique in Internet of Things(IoT) is localization, which has been an indispensable context for most of the applications in IoT. In this paper, we introduce an indoor location detecting platform based on the passive RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology. The major advantage of our platform is that it can be adopted to meet different(More)
This mini-review presents recent progresses in the development of microfluidic constriction channels enabling high-throughput mechanical property characterization of single cells. We first summarized the applications of the constriction channel design in quantifying mechanical properties of various types of cells including red blood cells, white blood(More)