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This study investigated the use of a newly developed chitosan-Ca pectinate microbead formulation for the colon-targeted delivery of anti-A/B toxin immunoglobulin of egg yolk (IgY) to inhibit toxin binding to colon mucosa cells. The effect of the three components (pectinate, calcium chloride, and chitosan) used for the microbead production was examined with(More)
This paper develops a discrete operation optimization model for combined heat and powers (CHPs) in deregulated energy markets to maximize owners' profits, where energy price forecasting is included. First, a single input and multi-output (SIMO) model for typical CHPs is established, considering the varying ratio between heat and electricity outputs at(More)
High reliability is the key to performance of electrical control equipment. PLC combines computer technology, automatic control technology and communication technology and becomes widely used for automation of industrial processes. Some requirements of complex PLC systems cannot be satisfied by the traditional verification methods. In this paper, an(More)
The number of wind farms is increasing worldwide and capacity of variable-speed wind turbines has been increased significantly. This has raised wide concern over the power quality, especially harmonic current emissions of variable speed wind turbines. However, the current IEC standard does not have corresponding coping methods, including measurement and(More)
CVN (cyanovirin-N) is an anti-HIV protein. CVNH (cyanovirin-N homology) represents its homology. In a previous study, we first reported the full-length sequences of the CVNH gene cloned from Ceratopteris thalictroides. Based on the finding, the coding sequence of CtCVNH was optimized in the study, and then a pET prokaryotic expression vector was(More)
Network-connected combined heat and powers (CHPs), owned by a community, can export surplus heat and electricity to corresponding heat and electric networks after community loads are satisfied. This paper proposes a new optimization model for network-connected CHP operation. Both CHPs' overall efficiency and heat to electricity ratio (HTER) are assumed to(More)
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