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According to the features of the configuration and color information on the cancer cells, an adaptive automatic threshold segmentation based on the RGB and HIS color spaces is presented, which is available to segment suspected cancer cells and nucleus from the complex backgrounds in the microscopic images. The edges of the suspected cancer cells and nucleus(More)
For many years brain-computer interfaces research programs have been very popular. The classification algorithm of the EEG signals has attracted much attention. In this paper, an experiment is designed on imaginary left or right hand movements and a new algorithm is proposed to identify different EEG patterns. Butterworth filter has been applied to retrieve(More)
We report here the fabrication and characterization of solid-state, conducting polymer actuators. The electrochemical activity of polyaniline (PANI) thin film coated with solid-state polyelectrolyte is very similar to the polyaniline thin film in an aqueous solution. The solid-state actuator is adhered to a lever arm of an force transducer and the force(More)
The basic principle of digital synchro converter (DSC) is introduced, analyzing how to use Micro Processor LPC2292 as its key part and other linear circuit to generate two sine and cosine to achieve the transforming method of from digital signal to synchro signal, completed a suit of the digital signal drives synchro interface system of autopilot steering,(More)
Chance Discovery for making decisions is widely applied in complex real world. However, the complexity of the real world was sometimes beyond the reach of chance discovery of observable events. Some members in a community are dark, who are not frequently communicating to the others, but they create important impacts to the community, called hidden leaders.(More)
Introduces a suit of alarm system based on can-bus and ARM. Take LPC2292 Central Processing Unit and CTM1050 as its communication system key part, adopts other designs both of hardware and software, completed a suit of distributed signal detected and process system of autopilot steering. The system has the advantages of the alarm information be showed by(More)
According to the characteristics of the sewing machine, a new starting method was presented on the basis of the analysis on the characteristics of application of brushless DC motor, which is the three-step starting technique during the sewing machine starting. The experimental results indicate that this method significantly enhances the speed of starting(More)
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