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Some of the most challenging issues in data outsourcing scenario are the enforcement of authorization policies and the support of policy updates. Ciphertext-policy attribute-based encryption is a promising cryptographic solution to these issues for enforcing access control policies defined by a data owner on outsourced data. However, the problem of applying(More)
With the recent adoption and diffusion of the data sharing paradigm in distributed systems such as online social networks or cloud computing, there have been increasing demands and concerns for distributed data security. One of the most challenging issues in data sharing systems is the enforcement of access policies and the support of policies updates.(More)
IEEE 802.16e uses EAP-based authentication and key management for link layer security. Due to the lack of ability to support mobility, however, EAP-based key management becomes a principal impediment to the achievement of an efficient and secure handover in IEEE 802.16e mobile WiMAX networks. In this paper, an overview of the EAP-based handover procedures(More)
Smart grid uses intelligent transmission and distribution networks to deliver electricity. It aims to improve the electric system's reliability, security, and efficiency through two-way communication of consumption data and dynamic optimization of electric-system operations, maintenance, and planning. The smart grid systems use fine-grained power grid(More)
—Energy use is a key issue in battery-operated mobile devices. In order to extend battery life, mobiles showing video often allow a controlled drop in quality, which is tolerable when the shortcomings of a small screen are combined with the imperfections of visual perception. Both energy consumption and video quality are affected by the Reed-Solomon codes(More)