Junbao Li

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Uncertain data exist in many application fields, and there are numerous recent efforts in processing uncertain data to get more reliable results, especially uncertainty processing in clustering method. However, it is one of the urgent challenges to discover clusters with specific shape features. So we present a clustering method for data with uncertainties,(More)
When estimating the distance for wireless sensor networks (WSNs), we always suppose that a fixed curve model exists between the received signal strength indicator (RSSI) and communication distance. But there exist some negative factors in practice, which makes this assumption to contradict with the situation in real communication environment. It results in(More)
BACKGROUND Ultrafine grinding is an environmentally friendly pretreatment that can alter the degree of polymerization, the porosity and the specific surface area of lignocellulosic biomass and can, thus, enhance cellulose hydrolysis. Enzyme adsorption onto the substrate is a prerequisite for the enzymatic hydrolysis process. Therefore, it is necessary to(More)
In this paper, to combine the advantage of both polynomial kernel and the Mahalanobis distance metric learning (DML) methods, we propose a Mahalanobis DML based polynomial kernel for the classification of hyperspectral images. To ensure the method is computing-saving, we adapt a fast iterative method to learn the Mahalanobis matrix. Simulation experiment is(More)
A target of interest may exhibit significant appearance variations because of its complex maneuvers, ego-motion of the camera platform, etc. Currently, target tracking in forward-looking infrared (FLIR) sequences is still a challenging problem in the field of computer vision. Although many efforts have been devoted, there are still some issues to be(More)
The optimizing design for enhancement of the micro performance of manipulator based on analytical models is investigated in this paper. By utilizing the established uncanonical linear homogeneous equations, the quasi-static analytical model of the micro-manipulator is built, and the theoretical calculation results are tested by FEA simulations. To provide a(More)
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