Junaid Ahmad Qureshi

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Inflation is regarded as regressive taxation against the poor. The most visible impact of inflation in recent times is its effect on real output, relative prices, taxes and interest rates. The study focuses to examine demand side and supply side determinants of inflation in Pakistan on economic and econometric criterion and also to investigate causal(More)
The purpose of this study was to introduce the technology for the development of rate-controlled oral drug delivery system to overcome various physiological problems. Several approaches are being used for the purpose of increasing the gastric retentive time, including floating drug delivery system. Gastric floating lisinopril maleate and metoprolol tartrate(More)
The present report is a significant effort to explore detail description of N. Sativa, its pharmacognostic characteristics, morphological characteristics, and mechanism of actions, doses and medicinal uses. Nigella sativa (N. Sativa) is greatest form of healing medicine. It is also known as Prophetic Medicine as its use has been mentioned in Prophetic(More)
Recently, a tremendous advancement has been made in the field of network and communication. A usage of pervasive applications for machine-to-machine communication is increasing day by day. Digital forensic examiners are facing different type of problems. The most prominent problems among the research community are data overload, data modeling, data(More)
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