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Both self-interference (SI), which is caused by imperfect channel estimation, and co-channel interference (CCI) are considered in multiple-input multiple-output systems employing maximal ratio combining under independent and identically distributed Rayleigh fading. Closed-form expressions for probability density function and outage probability of output(More)
—A novel sideband radiation (SR) level suppression method for the time-modulated array (TMA) is proposed. By modulating their front-end RF switches with nonuniform periods, the SR level of the TMA can be remarkably suppressed, compared to using uniform periods. Numeric simulations are brought out to examine the performance of the proposed approach, and the(More)
In this paper, a three-way reconfigurable power divider/combiner is proposed based on novel switch element with matching network (SEMN) and reconfigurable impedance transformer network (RITN). A good matching performance and a high isolation of the SEMN with one p-i-n diode can be obtained by the parasitic inductance and reverse capacitance of the p-i-n(More)
Full-wave de-embedding refers to a network de-embedding technique in which the fixture effects are removed by characterizing any connection interface using a full-wave EM simulation method instead of by measurement alone. This technique is able to achieve consistent definition of equivalent circuit voltage and current when the de-embedded results are used(More)