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In this paper, an effective method is proposed to handle the facial expression recognition problem. The system detects the face and facial components including eyes, brows and mouths. Since facial expressions result from facial muscle movements or deformations, and Histogram of Oriented Gradients (HOG) is very sensitive to the object deformations, we apply(More)
This paper presents our proposed approach for the second Emotion Recognition in The Wild Challenge. We propose a new feature descriptor called Histogram of Oriented Gradients from Three Orthogonal Planes (HOG_TOP) to represent facial expressions. We also explore the properties of visual features and audio features, and adopt Multiple Kernel Learning (MKL)(More)
Facial expression recognition in video has attracted growing attention recently. In this paper, we propose to handle this problem with dynamic appearance and geometric features. We propose a new feature descriptor called HOG from Three Orthogonal Planes (HOG-TOP) to represent dynamic features. In addition, we introduce two types of geometry features to(More)
Smile detection in the wild is an interesting and challenging problem. This paper presents an efficient approach with hierarchical visual feature to handle this problem. In our approach, Gabor filters with multi-scale, multi-orientation are first applied to extract facial textures namely Gabor faces from the input face image. After this, Histograms of(More)
The plantar pressure and shear force measurement, the function and effect of joints, bones and ligaments of foot during running and walking, and the modeling and finite element analysis of human foot are three important aspects in biomechanical study of foot. They are also the basis of the study of rehabilitation. In this paper, studies on the three aspects(More)
Facial expressions recognition has gained a growing attention from industry and also academics, because it could be widely used in many field such as Human Computer Interface (HCI) and medical assessment. In this paper, we evaluate the strength of the Light Field Camera for facial expression recognition. The light filed camera can capture the directions of(More)
Facial expression recognition is a long standing problem in affective computing community. A key step is extracting effective features from face images. Gabor filters have been widely used for this purpose. However, a big challenge for Gabor filters is its high dimensionality. In this paper, we propose an efficient feature called dynamic Gabor volume(More)
Cellular mechanics is a branch of tissue engineering and cellular engineering. As one of the important method, loading different mechanical stimuli to culturing cells in vitro so as to study the influence that the stress has on the cells is one of the important fields of cellular mechanics. This paper reviews the experimental methods for mechanically(More)
A new approach for pain event detection in video is presented in this paper. Different from some previous works which focused on frame-based detection, we target in detecting pain events at video level. In this work, we explore the spatial information of video frames and dynamic textures of video sequences, and propose two different types of features. HOG(More)
A three-dimensional finite element model of the cell culture membrane was developed in the culture device under tension state made by us. The magnitude of tension and the displacement distribution in the membrane made of silicon rubber under different hydrostatic load were obtained by use of FEM analysis. A comparative study was made between the numerical(More)