Jun-qiang Lu

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A computational framework for a moment-based O(N) tight-binding atomistic method is presented, analyzed, and applied to the problem of electronic properties of deformed carbon nanotubes, where N is the number of atoms in the system. The moment-based approach is based on the maximum entropy and kernel polynomial methods for constructing the electronic(More)
A logging-while-drilling (LWD) caliper is a tool used for the real-time measurement of a borehole diameter in oil drilling engineering. This study introduces the mechanical structure and working principle of a new LWD caliper based on ultrasonic distance measurement (UDM). The detection range is a major performance index of a UDM system. This index is(More)
Phased arc array transducers are key technologies of azimuthally acoustic logging tool. By controlling the high voltage fire signal phase of each unit of transmitters, radiation energy of phased arc array transducer can transmit to a single direction. Operational principle of phased arc array is analyzed, and experimental equipment used for physical(More)
A kind of test platform applied to receiver mandrel of Multi-pole array acoustic logging tool (MPAL) was designed. According to the structure of receiver mandrel of MPAL specific testing requirements were put forward. In system design, masterslave system architecture is used; the host and front-computer interconnect via Ethernet. The front-computer is based(More)
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