Jun-mei Peng

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LUO Zhao-ju's life stories are confirmed and described clearly by widely collecting and systematically analyzing the source materials referring to LUO Zhao-ju. This paper also summarizes his extant sixteen medical books and textbooks and his nineteen papers. LUO Zhao-ju has dedicated his life to combined approach of the theory and clinic of acupuncture and(More)
The title compound, C(14)H(18)ClN(2)S(+)·Cl(-), crystallizes with two formula units in the asymmetric unit. The dihedral angles between the mean planes of the chloro-phenyl and thia-zole rings are 87.8 (2) and 88.0 (2)° in the two independent mol-ecules. In the crystal, the anions and cations are connected by N-H⋯Cl hydrogen bonds.
To introduce the contribution of LUO Zhao-ju an famous acupuncturist and educationist in Guangxi. After studying on his works and papers, LUO Zhao ju's contributions are promoting clinical acupuncture practices, promoting acupuncture education, acupuncture manipulation, improving acupuncture techniques, and reasonable practices according to the original(More)
The asymmetric unit of the title compound, C(14)H(17)Cl(2)N(2)S(+)·Br(-), contains one cation and two Br(-) ions with site symmetry . The dihedral angle between the planes of the thia-zol and the dichloro-phenyl rings is 77.8 (6)°. In the crystal, the ions are connected by N-H⋯Br hydrogen bonds.
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