Jun-lei Bi

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The technology of QoS routing has become a great challenge in Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs). There exist a lot of literatures on QoS routing in WMNs, but the current algorithms have some deficiencies, such as high complexity, poor scalability and flexibility. To solve the problems above, a multipath routing algorithm based on traffic prediction (MRATP) is(More)
Mobile P2P (MP2P) networks is open and complex, and hence secure communication is a challenging issue for MP2P applications. Peers in the dynamic networks sometimes can obtain each other's trust and risk data, sometime or not. Nowadays, researchers can only study one for the two different scenarios, and thus the existing schemes are not universal and(More)
Peers in Mobile P2P (MP2P) networks exploit both the structured and unstructured styles to enable communication in a peer-to-peer fashion. Such networks involve the participation of two types of peers: benign peers and malicious peers. Complexities are witnessed in the determination of the identity of the peers because of the user mobility and the(More)
In this paper, we propose a Trust and Risk-based Access Control Model (TRACM) for achieving trustworthy resource sharing over mobile P2P networks. With TRACM, many malicious peers are automatically separated from the trusted mobile P2P resource sharing network which consists of benign peers. The main contribution of this model is that the request peers give(More)
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