Jun-ichro Kinoshita

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In the present study, cavities prepared by Carisolv were verified as being caries-free by two methods; by conventional visual and tactile criteria, and by DIAGNOdent. The results indicate that in the dental clinic, the efficiency of complete carious dentin removal with Carisolv is no longer difficult when a proper clinical guide is used. Furthermore,(More)
The TM-mode suppressibility of DFB lasers with a narrow stripe region is investigated. A waveguide is designed to produce different phase shifts between the TE and TM modes. A threshold gain difference between the TE and TM modes is introduced by a phase shift difference of both modes. A TM and side mode suppression ratio of more than 40 dB is obtained(More)
In phase-shift distributed feedback (DFB) lasers, there is limited suppression of the TM mode despite extremely large submode suppressibility. The TE/TM mode selectivity of a DFB laser structure with a nonuniform waveguide region as the phase shifter is analyzed. Calculations of the threshold gain difference between the TE and TM modes are performed using(More)
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