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CENP-B box is required for de novo centromere chromatin assembly on human alphoid DNA
Centromere protein (CENP) B boxes, recognition sequences of CENP-B, appear at regular intervals in human centromeric α-satellite DNA (alphoid DNA). In this study, to determine whether informationExpand
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The microcephaly ASPM gene is expressed in proliferating tissues and encodes for a mitotic spindle protein.
The most common cause of primary autosomal recessive microcephaly (MCPH) appears to be mutations in the ASPM gene which is involved in the regulation of neurogenesis. The predicted gene productExpand
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CENP-B Controls Centromere Formation Depending on the Chromatin Context
The centromere is a chromatin region that serves as the spindle attachment point and directs accurate inheritance of eukaryotic chromosomes during cell divisions. However, the mechanism by which theExpand
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Breaking the HAC Barrier: Histone H3K9 acetyl/methyl balance regulates CENP-A assembly
The kinetochore is responsible for accurate chromosome segregation. However, the mechanism by which kinetochores assemble and are maintained remains unclear. Here we report that de novo CENP‐AExpand
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A minimal CENP‐A core is required for nucleation and maintenance of a functional human centromere
Chromatin clusters containing CENP‐A, a histone H3 variant, are found in centromeres of multicellular eukaryotes. This study examines the ability of alpha‐satellite (alphoid) DNA arrays in differentExpand
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CENP-C and CENP-I are key connecting factors for kinetochore and CENP-A assembly
ABSTRACT Although it is generally accepted that chromatin containing the histone H3 variant CENP-A is an epigenetic mark maintaining centromere identity, the pathways leading to the formation andExpand
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The role of CENP-B and α-satellite DNA: de novo assembly and epigenetic maintenance of human centromeres
The centromere is an essential functional domain responsible for the correct inheritance of eukaryotic chromosomes during cell division. Eukaryotic centromeres include the highly conservedExpand
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KAT7/HBO1/MYST2 Regulates CENP-A Chromatin Assembly by Antagonizing Suv39h1-Mediated Centromere Inactivation
Summary Centromere chromatin containing histone H3 variant CENP-A is required for accurate chromosome segregation as a foundation for kinetochore assembly. Human centromere chromatin assembles on aExpand
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Stable complex formation of CENP-B with the CENP-A nucleosome
CENP-A and CENP-B are major components of centromeric chromatin. CENP-A is the histone H3 variant, which forms the centromere-specific nucleosome. CENP-B specifically binds to the CENP-B box DNAExpand
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Epigenetic assembly of centromeric chromatin at ectopic alpha-satellite sites on human chromosomes.
To investigate the mechanism of chromatin assembly at human centromeres, we isolated cultured human cell lines in which a transfected alpha-satellite (alphoid) YAC was integrated ectopically into theExpand
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