Jun-ichi Yoshimura

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We established two glioma cell lines from two surgical specimens obtained at different times from the same patient. One (No. 9R), which was derived from the recurrent tumor (glioblastoma, grade IV), proliferated more rapidly in vitro than the other (No. 9) from the primary tumor (slightly anaplastic astrocytoma, grade II–III). No. 9R showed(More)
As a complement to a previous paper reporting the anomalous fringe oscillation in X-ray Pendellösung interference fringes [Yoshimura (2000), J. Synchrotron Rad. 7, 374-381], this paper presents an amplitude map of the Pendellösung fringe oscillation in order to show that the amplitude distribution has a specific meaningful pattern within the topographic(More)
As a strange property not explained by existing theories, it has been known from experiment that X-ray moiré and Pendellösung interference fringes show a small spatial oscillation in the beam path in free space that the diffraction image carrying those fringes is propagated after emerging from the crystal. In connection with the investigation into this(More)
A detailed and comprehensive theoretical description of X-ray diffraction moiré fringes for a bicrystal specimen is given on the basis of a calculation by plane-wave dynamical diffraction theory. Firstly, prior to discussing the main subject of the paper, a previous article [Yoshimura (1997). Acta Cryst. A53, 810-812] on the two-dimensionality of(More)
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