Jun ichi Yamamoto

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In this study, we examined the conditions necessary to construct appropriate sentences in three autistic students using computer-based training and testing procedure. In Experiment 1, when a picture was presented on the computer display as a sample stimulus, the student was required to construct an appropriate sentence with five words. After training with(More)
Gene expression of synoviocytes stimulated with tumor necrosis factor-alpha (TNFalpha) was studied by macroarray analysis to elucidate the cellular response and identify new biological functions of known and unknown genes. 10035 cDNA clones were used to make cDNA macroarrays of representative genes. Synoviocytes expressed large amounts of fibronectin and(More)
The antiplatelet activity of methyl allyltrisulfide (MATS), a component commonly present in steam-distilled garlic oil, has been demonstrated by the authors. MATS inhibits arachidonic acid cascade at the reaction site with PGH synthase. However, this enzyme catalyzes two successive reactions, from arachidonic acid to PGG2, and from PGG2 to PGH2. The present(More)
We evaluated a computer-based sorting-to-matching procedure to teach matching-to-sample skills to seven young children with developmental disabilities who had failed to demonstrate identity matching-to-sample under the typical training procedure (such as observing a sample then selecting a comparison stimulus). In the sorting-to-matching procedure, rather(More)
We compared in detail the characteristics of the sequences of the cDNA clones obtained by the oligo-capping method (oligo-capping clones) with that of the sequences in the UniGene database. To compare the completeness of the sequences, three new variables, "fullness-proportion of clones" (the ratio of complete clones to total clones in a library),(More)
Joint visual attention is defined as looking where someone else is looking. The purpose of this study was to examine the conditions for establishing joint visual attention in autistic children who have no functional speech. An experimenter, sitting facing the child, looked at one of six pictures near the child. Analysis showed that joint visual attention to(More)
We experienced a rare case of a 76-year-old man with an anterior mediastinal tumor diagnosed postoperatively as atypical thymic carcinoid with hypercalcemia. He was found to have a growing abnormal mediastinal shadow, and admitted. Chest computed tomography scan on admission revealed an anterior mediastinal mass of 4.0 cm in diameter. Extended total(More)
A 37-year-old woman was re-admitted to our hospital because the recurrence of endobronchial tuberclosis was suspected. Mycobacterium tuberculosis was not detected by culture of sputum and gastric fluid, and computed tomography revealed a left superior segmental bronchus obstruction and pneumonia. Her pneumonia improved by administration of antibiotics, but(More)
OBJECTIVE Fibrin sealants are used to close surgical pleural defects, but may detach, causing a postoperative air-leak. We investigated a new means of applying fibrin glue for closing pleural defects. METHODS Pleural defects (10-mm and 4-mm diameters, respectively) were created in swine and rats via thoracotomy. They were sealed by a) injection of a(More)
We experienced a rare case of a 38-year-old man with mediastinal lymph node carcinoma of unknown primary site. He had an abnormal shadow of upper mediastinal mass in a health check, and he was referred to our hospital. Chest computed tomography( CT) showed only one swollen mediastinal lymph node, and positron emission tomography(PET) revealed an(More)