Jun-ichi Watanabe

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Since odontoclasts share similar characteristics with osteoclasts, this study has examined whether odontoclasts exhibit cytological alteration after treatment with bisphosphonate, which induces apoptosis of osteoclasts. After the administration of bisphosphonate to 6-day-old rabbits, many odontoclasts detached from the dentine surface of the deciduous(More)
Malaria remains one of the world's most important infectious diseases and is responsible for enormous mortality and morbidity. Resistance to antimalarial drugs is a challenging problem in malaria control. Clinical malaria is associated with the proliferation and development of Plasmodium parasites in human erythrocytes. Especially, the development into the(More)
Recent studies have established that heat shock proteins (HSPs) potentially play a role in immunosurveillance. The purpose of the present study was to clarify the relationship between the chronological changes of immunocompetent cells and the expression of HSP-25 in the process of pulpal regeneration after tooth injury in rat molars by immunocytochemistry(More)
TZT-1027 (Soblidotin), an antimicrotubule agent, has been demonstrated to show potent antitumor effects, though the relationships among antitumor effect, cytotoxicity and anti-vascular effect of TZT-1027 have not been studied. We established in vivo human lung vascular-rich tumor models using a vascular endothelial growth factor-secreting tumor(More)
BACKGROUND TZT-1027 is a newly developed antitumor agent derived from dolastatin 10. MATERIALS AND METHODS The in vitro activity of TZT-1027 on MCF-7 and R-27 cells was evaluated by MTT assay. TZT-1027 1 mg/kg/week was administered i.v. for 4 weeks into nude mice bearing MCF-7 and R-27. Subsequently, primary cultured cells from xenografts were also used(More)
A case of erythrocytosis caused by gastric cancer that produced erythropoietin is described. To the authors' knowledge, no case of erythropoietin-producing gastric cancer has been reported until now. A 73-year-old man with a 4-year history of maintenance hemodialysis for diabetic nephropathy required phlebotomy. Serum erythropoietin level was 181 mU/mL (181(More)
We established a recombinant strain of Toxoplasma gondii that overexpressed programmed cell death 5 (TgPDCD5), in order to evaluate the role of endogenous TgPDCD5 in macrophage apoptosis during T. gondii infection. Immunofluorescence microscopy revealed that overproduced TgPDCD5 with a hemagglutinin tag was localized in the cytosol, which was consistent(More)
BACKGROUND TZT-1027 (Soblidotin), an antimicrotubule drug, has shown potent antitumor efficacy in various antitumor models, and has entered into phase I clinical trials. To determine those anticancer drugs to be combined with TZT-1027 in clinical trials, the combination effects of TZT-1027 with other anticancer drugs were examined. MATERIALS AND METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVE Recent meta-analyses found an inverse relationship between breastfeeding duration and asthma in children. The present cross-sectional study investigated the associations between breastfeeding duration and the prevalence of wheeze and asthma in Japanese children aged 3 years. METHODS Subjects were 6412 children who participated in the Kyushu(More)