Jun-ichi Ochiai

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A series of analogs of eel calcitonin (eCT) was synthesized according to a newly devised scheme, 'the insertion-inactivation method', to clarify the structure/activity relationship of a given peptide. This method consists of two steps: the deletion of a residue of the peptide is first chosen and then a series of analogs with the residue reinserted into(More)
This article reports our novel idea about the thermal stimulation of seabed hydrate reservoirs for the purpose of natural gas production. Our idea is to use submarine heat pumps, which are to be placed near the hydrate reservoir and work to recover thermal energy from the surrounding seawater and supply it into the reservoir. Although the heat pumps need an(More)
Ultimobranchial calcitonins (CTs), known to stimulate cAMP production, inhibited the growth of a porcine kidney cell line LLC-PK1. This inhibition was accompanied by degenerative changes including vacuole formation and cell detachment. The electron microscopic study revealed marked swelling of rough endoplasmic reticulum (RER). Other cAMP-increasing agents(More)