Jun'ichi Kitazawa

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Stat5 was initially identified as a prolactin-induced member of the signal transducer and activator of transcription (Stat) family in sheep. However, Stat5 is also activated in the response to a variety of cytokines. In mice, and possibly in other species, there exist two Stat5 genes (Stat5a and Stat5b) that encode proteins of 92 and 94 kDa that are 95%(More)
The transcription factor NF-E2, a heterodimeric protein complex composed of p45 and small Maf family proteins, is considered crucial for the regulation of erythroid gene expression and platelet formation. To facilitate the characterization of NF-E2 functions in human cells, we isolated cDNAs encoding two members of the small Maf family, MafK and MafG. The(More)
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