Jun-ichi Iijima

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We call the last one an IDW method. Robots with AK TRACT JDW ^eg systems are widely used because, without any separate steering mechanism, they can move to any point by a combination of revolving and going straight. This paper discusses how to control and describe the smooth movement of a mobile robot which has two independent driving wheels (iDWs) that(More)
We have developed scanning laser range sensor called "SOKUIKI" sensor which is ultra-small scanning laser range sensor adopted for various types of mobile robots as we have already published. As a sensor for environment recognition, we thought the sensor must have not only outputting distance data but also another helpful function for mobile robots. So it(More)
p53 gene which is known as a tumor suppressor gene locates in chromosome 17p and has a polymorphism at codon 72 (Arginine CGC-->Proline CCC). In this study, we examined the frequency of polymorphism and of heterozygosity in Japanese, and the loss of p53 gene in brain tumor tissues of the patients with heterozygosity using a novel method. The frequencies of(More)
Nucleolin (110 kDa) is a major nucleolar protein in eukaryotic cells and one of the nucleolar organizer region (NOR)-associated proteins. We studied immunohistochemically 32 cases of meningioma, using specific antisera against nucleolin, and analyzed various nucleolin parameters, such as the number of regions and the total area of nucleolin staining per(More)
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