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New Views on Strand Asymmetry in Insect Mitochondrial Genomes
It is shown that deaminations during replication and other mutations contribute more than selection on amino acid sequences to strand compositions of G and C, and that the replication process has a stronger affect on A and T content than does transcription.
Dryinidae of the Oriental region (Hymenoptera: Chrysidoidea).
An updated revision of Oriental Dryinidae is presented, together with illustrations of the main morphological characters and keys to the subfamilies, genera and species.
The genus Diolcogaster Ashmead, 1900 (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Microgastrinae) from China
Abstract The genus Diolcogaster Ashmead, 1900 (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Microgastrinae) from China is revised and keyed, with nine new species, namely Diolcogaster bifurcifossa sp. n., Diolcogaster
The genera Deuterixys Mason, 1981 and Wilkinsonellus Mason, 1981 (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Microgastrinae) from China, with description of two new species
The genus Deuterixys Mason, 1981 of the tribe Cotesiini (Hymenopteran, Braconidae, Microgastrinae) is recorded from China for the first time and two new species are described and illustrated.
The genus Doryctes Haliday, 1836 (Hymenoptera: Braconidae, Doryctinae) in China
This dataset contains the digitized treatments in Plazi based on the original journal article Belokobylskij, Sergey A., Tang, Pu, He, Jun-Hua, Chen, Xue-Xin (2012): The genus Doryctes Haliday, 1836
Review of the tribe Helconini Foerster s.s. from China, with the description of 18 new species
The Chinese species of the tribe Helconini Foerster, 1863 s.s. (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Helconinae), and its genera are redefined and a key to the genera of the tribes is given.
Study on the genus Phaneroserphus Pschorn-Walcher, 1958 (Hymenoptera, Proctotrupidae) from China
Six species of the genus Phaneroserphus Pschorn-Walcher,1958 from China are recognized and described,including two new species:P. bui sp. nov. and P. nigritibialis sp. nov.,P. cristatus Townes et
The complete mitochondrial genome of Diadegma semiclausum (hymenoptera: ichneumonidae) indicates extensive independent evolutionary events.
The results indicate that independent evolutionary events occurred extensively, such as gene rearrangement events, gene rearranged mechanisms, derivation of tRNA variable loops, and tandem repeat region evolutionary processes, all of which likely contribute to the diversified features of hymenopteran mitochondrial genomes.
The grandiculus- and metacarpalis-group of the genus Apanteles Foerster, 1862 (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Microgastrinae) from China, with descriptions of eight new species.
Two species groups of genus Apanteles Foerster (Hymenoptera, Braconidae, Microgastrinae) from China are revised and keyed, with eight new species, namely, A. muticiculus Liu & Chen, sp.
New species of the family Triozidae (Homoptera: Psylloidea) from China, and the first record of Psylloidea as host of Braconidae (Hymenoptera)
Two new species of Triozidae (Psylloidea) from China producing sphere-shaped leaf galls on Ficus hainanensis Merr. & Shun., are illustrated and described. For the first time Psylloidea are reported