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Down-Regulation of MicroRNA-137 Improves High Glucose-Induced Oxidative Stress Injury in Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells by Up-Regulation of AMPKα1
Down-regulation of miR-137 ameliorates HG-induced injury in HUVECs by overexpression of AMPKα1, leading to increasing cellular reductive reactions and decreasing oxidative stress.
β-Nerve growth factor attenuates hepatocyte injury induced by D-galactosamine in vitro via TrkA NGFR.
The results suggested that exogenous β-NGF protects L-02 cells from D-GalN-induced injury through the NGF/TrkA NGFR signaling pathway.
Lipopolysaccharides priming mesenchymal stem cells accelerate diabetic wound healing viaexosomes
LPS-exosome may balance macrophage plasticity, restrain chronic inflammation and accelerate diabetic cutaneous wound healing.
Effects of salidroside on myocardial cell apoptosis in acute myocardial ischemia rats and its mechanism
Salidroside inhibits myocardial cell apoptosis during AMI, which may be achieved by inactivating the mitochondria-dependent pathway, and may provide labarotary evidence for the clinical application of salidro side in treating ischemic heart disease.